Magic Adventures

Comic Readers,    Animation

Magic Land was a place where the power of water, fire, earth, wind and light coexisted in harmony. One day, peaceful Magic Land was covered with darkness due to the greedy Wizard of Light. The Wizards of Water, Fire, Earth and Wind sealed the Wizard of Light and his dark forces into a crystal, and then the wizards divided it into 7 pieces and hid them in secret places. After many long years Dark - the descendant of the Wizard of Light - attacked the Violet Castle, the capital of Magic Land, in order to regain the sealed power. At that moment King Mir, who was the Wizard of Water, helped his daughter Princess Olivia escape and assigned her the task of gathering the descendants of the Wizards of Fire, Wind and Earth so they could take back the crystal.

Olivia ran away to the dimensional portal to avoid the Shadow Man sent by Dark, and set off for Earth to look for the heir of the Wizard of Earth. Meanwhile, on Earth, Jack and his sister Bella see a strange light near their house, and the next day a suspicious new classmate arrives at their school… For the descendants of the Wizards who will protect Magic Land against the forces of darkness, the fateful meeting has come

6–9 Year Olds
52 Episodes X 11 Minutes
Selected as KOCCA production support business in 2015
Will be aired on KBS in 2016


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